Welcome to Shire Drag Racing. With a passion for fast street cars both Tim Nielsen and Jim Denaro enjoyed driving there cars fast. Jim started drag racing with his street driven TC Cortina back in the 80's at Oran Park. They both met back in the early 90's and with there desire to go fast Jim invited Tim to take his HQ 2 Door Monaro to the newly built Eastern Creek Raceway. Tim got hooked straight away, with Tim and Jim not looking back, over the years new engines were built and our ET's started getting down in the 11 second range.
Back in 1996, Tim decided to step out of his Monaro and had his good mate Leigh Webb build a 240" purpose built Rear Engine Dragster, which was made from mild steel. At the End of 1997 with the new dragster only running a few meetings at Sydney's Eastern Creek Raceway, the venue stopped running competition drag racing. But the drag racing bug had hit hard.
Around the same time, Jim had purchased an unfinished project car, a TC Cortina in which had a rear clip and a mild steel 6 point cage. Jim had made his mind up to turn this TD Cortina into a 2 door and only decided to use the rear clip, Jim went on to build a full Chromoly cage.
This project car took almost 12 year to complete, with all the work completed by Jim himself. When Sydney finally got a new track up and running back in 2004, seven years had passed with very little being done on the TC Cortina, both Tim and Jim had travelled up and down the East Coast of Australia racing there respective vehicles.
In 2007 Tim had decided that is was time to up-grade his mild steel chassis, so together Jim (Denaro Competition Chassis) and Tim pieced together a brand new Chromoly dragster. It hit the track 10 months after it was started. With the Dragster being completed, Jim was about 75% through building his new 2 door TC Cortina.  Jim's car finally hit the track in late October 2009, and it's a work of art

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